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By Andy Khouri

The boutique merchandise division of the Alamo Drafthouse known for limited edition posters by some of today’s coolest illustrators, Mondo has been expanding its interests into the realm of collectible vinyl music, releasing limited editions of soundtracks for OblivionGravityJurassic Park and other films with particularly memorable and cool scores. Mondo’s about to level up with its most ambitious music plan yet: a series of vinyl-only releases of Danny Elfman’s music from Batman: The Animated Series.

Coming to Comic-Con next week, the first selection of music will be available in no fewer than five different designs by five different artists, each with their own distinctive illustration created especially for the 7” vinyl record format. Revealed for the first time by ComicsAlliance, this fabulous Harley Quinn piece by Matt Taylor speaks right to the heart of what’s cool about this project: high style and high fidelity, with palpable affection for the material that’s made the animated series — and Elfman’s thremes in particular — so beloved even 20 years later.



Oh god. Hey, the world, my birthday’s coming up.

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#TheFray were awesome! Didn’t understand a word that guy sang, though.

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Y The Last Man #011

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3.  Little Architect by Carlos Ng: Little Architect is a tool set for young architects that dream of designing and building amazing structures around the world. All of the modular tools combine work and play, and a 12” rule, a protractor, and a 45/90 triangle are all included in the set. By turning the tools into puzzle pieces, a sense of playfulness and fun is added to the tools. Proceeds from the Little Architect will go to benefit Architecture for Humanity. [1st Place]

Check out my classmates’ project with Areaware.

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PocketScan wants to put a scanner in your pocket for $99

And so, the PocketScan was born. Backed by several technology patents, the PocketScan is exactly what its name implies: A tiny palm-sized device that lets you scan almost any kind of 2-dimensional surface directly to your iPad or Android tablet via Bluetooth. It has an internal battery that should last for 400 scans and is charged via micro-USB. The free software  (which is compatible with PC/Mac/iOS/Android) is what makes the PocketScan do what no other portable scanner can: Show you your scan in real-time on your device so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

I will gladly take the side step toward the future. This device is great, pretty much what anyone who has had to fiddle with a large clunky scanner bed has desired. Worse yet when the one computer connected to the one scanner in the computer lab is being used (I’m looking at you Parsons third floor lab).

What I mean about this being a sidestep though is that this seems like something that will eventually be eaten by a cell phone app. Even now all the magic that sets this device apart is in the software. What I really want is to open up an app on my phone and be able to do this (like the article says the camera app sucks, especially for design students).

This device seems analogous to the point-and-shoot camera. Large scanners will always be what the professionals use (like SLRs) and this is nice to carry around for now. But soon enough this device will no longer have much purpose when I can do a decent enough job by tapping a square on my screen.

For the sake of the company I hope they are thinking ahead on their software game. If they don’t do it someone else will.

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"Our Modern Conversation" Print [2014]

Maximilian Mueller

My friend, and artist, Max has opened up his official facebook page. You guys should follow him

His solo show Seize the Stem is open for a few more days at TBD. Catch it before its gone after June 30th.


by Studio Yumakano (via Homeli)


Rocker Jack White - Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O’Brien

This came out last year but there are some really interesting points on “work” and what drives artists. Jack White is infinitely cool.

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Baked couple on roof in Brooklyn eating rope. #art

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The IKEA burning sacrifice to the design gods.

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Minus the deer head and typewriter.

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"Dutch designer Derk Reilink decided to redesign the traditional tape dispenser and create a minimalist one that was based on the dimensions of a single roll of tape. The result is ClickTape

These are beautiful. 


a guy came as a tree to art school yesterday

This near-perfectly sums up art school. And the proper reaction by the time you graduate is “unfazed.”

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More inspiring interior design from North Carolina resturants. These were spaced out above the tables at Mixed.