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A giant statue of Edward Snowden has appeared in Union Square Park. The tribute to the NSA whistleblower is the brainchild of Jim Dessicino, a graduate student at the University of Delaware.
“When the story broke about Edward Snowden, I was thinking a lot about surveillance and monumentality and how we remember things,” Dessicino told BuzzFeed News on Friday. “How public space is used and how people in history are remembered.
“And I got the idea that maybe people who are major actants upon history aren’t always represented properly, and those people could be written out of history by not having something more permanent made of them.”
It took Dessicino four months to complete the nine-foot tall piece of art, out of gypsum cement, steel, and foam. For the next three days, from 10 AM to 5 PM, the statue will be based in Union Square as part of the annual Art in Odd Places project.
“I was thinking a lot about who gets memorialized, who gets lionized, you know, remembered in the public eye,” he said. “And there’s a really democratic activity that happens in public art and public spaces where it can cause public discourse. And I saw that seemed lacking in my generation.
“And Edward Snowden does something that was beyond him, you know, it was a very public act where he sacrificed his own personal comfort and security to let us all know something. So he sacrificed himself for the greater good.”
“So he’s kind of dead in a way, because he can’t be here, and so he becomes a subject that can be memorialized,” he said.


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#japan has all the #manga I could want but I can’t read any of it, like an episode of twilight zone. #vscocam


What is it that holds us back from questioning or changing the norm?

I think the God factor is thrown in to cover/sell the fact that they don’t want to spend the money changing industries if they are already gaining from what’s in place. 


These are two prototypes I made for class. They are both teaching tools that help a user/learner dive further into a topic. This particular topic I picked was the system of electricity.

One is a website sketch that allows the user to navigate by means of magnification, starting from the source they use electricity from, since that is what most people associate electricity with: how they interact with it’s output. The site allows the user to zoom in and out of the issue, further explaining how electricity gets to their home and outlet.

The book is a more collapsible vs. expandable approach. It allows you to dive into a topic if you’re interested in it (notice the interactive folding elements). However, it’s also small in size to be digestible (something I aim for in my design). A textbook can seem daunting and uninteresting to a user and engaging them  by physically being able to hold the book close to them, as oppose to a large textbook that has to be held farther away from the body, and usually placed on table makes the book seem more distant from the reader.

I think physically exploring representations of scale may be more fun. But digital tools will have a larger audience. Do what you think will be more rewarding personally.


Unnoticed : description for an entity that is not paid attention to, noticed, made aware of, or acknowledged


A unit consisting of complex parts that serves a function


Using an arranged system or pattern to define an idea, expression, or feeling

Information Architecture:

I can see that she is getting a lot closer to the core of what’s been motivating here work for years. This isn’t just a topic she chose for thesis, it’s been the topic for her. 

If i were to be a nitpicky asshole, like I am, my only comment would be using the term that is being defined as part of the definition. 


Made just of simple and straight pieces of plywood, the Arakno chair has a comfortable and relaxed design inspired by the combination of angles and the cartoonish shape of spiders.

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Tokyo on Flickr.

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Tokyo on Flickr.

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Tokyo on Flickr.